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iPhone screen repair service

iPhone screen replacements are quite common. Broken screens are a regular problem, and almost all iPhone owners have dropped their phones at some point. Fortunately, this means that fixing them is quick and simple. It could be time for a replacement if your screen is broken and not working anymore.

Remember to cover your new screen with a case and a glass screen protector once it has been installed. These two essential items will aid in minimizing further damage. Your touch screen will receive an additional layer of defense against cracks and chips from tempered glass screen protection and a high-quality casing.


Fix your iPhone today.

Repairing your iPhone, whether it’s the screen or something else, is a decision you won’t regret. Instead of spending a fortune on a new phone, consider visiting an iPhone repair shop. It’s also a great strategy to avoid losing data while upgrading your smartphone.

Camera repair

We fix front and rear cameras including proximity sensors and so on. 

Battery replacement

Battery Repair is one of the main types of services we providing every day.

Charging Ports

Often charging ports get clogged with dirt and dust. We help you to clean it or even replace. 

Mics and Speakers

No sound, noise, static mic? Call us will be happy to check it for you.


Lost a signal? We will check your antennas and modem.

Honest service

Our service is inexpensive and we always honest with our customers.


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 If you need iPhone repair or iPhone screen repair in Sacramento, always turn to Getitfixed. We are the perfect fit for this job.

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iPhone Screen Repair near me

We at Getitfixed are pleased to provide a broad range of repair services. Visit us today to get started on your iPhone repair, or browse all of our services and schedule an appointment. We have you covered for all iPhone models, including the 5 and 13.

Getitfixed is Cell Phone Repair Near Me

Most individuals nowadays would probably agree that one of their most valuable possessions is their phone. It’s not just a priceless thing; it’s also a crucial tool for daily life. The result of your phone breaking might be disastrous. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix an iPhone and restore it to full functionality. There is a fix for your issue, whether your iPhone has a shattered screen or an outdated battery. Getitfixed remains the ideal cell phone repair expert to always turn to for your iPhone repair.