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iPhone repair service

Getitfixed specializes in fixing broken phones and replacing broken screens. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge, training, and experience to fix a broad variety of iPhone problems. We’ve fixed iPhones for Fair Oaks, CA, and nearby cities. If your device is having any kind of problem, no matter how small or large, we can solve it. Many people in the Fair Oaks, CA, 95628 area who need their iPhone screen repaired often choose us. Our expert team can help fix their device quickly and effectively.


iPad and other tablets repair.

A broken iPhone is a major inconvenience. There are a wide variety of problems that can arise with Cell Phones, such as broken screens, faulty charging ports, water damage, and dead batteries. When your Phone or Tablet develops a problem, it will become unreliable or completely non-operational regardless of the nature of the problem. Look no further if you’re looking for a professional who provides mobile phone repair nearby. You can count on the technicians at Getitfixed to help you get your phone working again in no time. Located in the heart of California’s capital city, we are the go-to source for expert Cell Phone screen replacement and other repairs.

Camera repair

We fix front and rear cameras including proximity sensors and so on. 

Battery replacement

Battery Repair is one of the main types of services we providing every day.

Charging Ports

Often charging ports get clogged with dirt and dust. We help you to clean it or even replace. 

Mics and Speakers

No sound, noise, static mic? Call us will be happy to check it for you.


Lost a signal? We will check your antennas and modem.

Honest service

Our service is inexpensive and we always honest with our customers.


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 If you need iPhone repair or iPhone screen repair in Sacramento, always turn to Getitfixed. We are the perfect fit for this job.

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Our Services

iPhone Repair

We can fix any problem with your phone, including the screen, battery, water damage, and charging port. Repairing a broken phone is typically less expensive than replacing it. A brand-new smartphone, such as an iPhone, can cost several hundred dollars. If you’ve already invested a lot of money in your present phone, it wouldn’t make sense to get rid of it only due to a few dents.

Fix Cell Phone not Upgrade 

Making phone repairs is another excellent method to adopt more environmentally friendly IT practices. Even while some people like having the most recent and best gadgets, others should not replace them for the sake of upgrading. You can help the environment and your bank account by making use of what you already have.