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iPhone repair service

At Getitfixed, we repair broken iPhone screens and other mobile device components. All sorts of iPhone issues can be resolved by our reliable professionals since they have the knowledge, training, and experience needed. We can solve any problem, from a broken screen to a malfunctioning port, a failed charge to water damage. Whether your iPhone is experiencing a tiny glitch or a significant malfunction, Getitfixed is the best company to turn to in Elk Grove, CA.


Cell Phone and tablets repair.

Nothing beats the clarity and functionality of a fully operating cell phone. However, accidents do happen, and your phone may start acting up after some time. Issues including broken screens, malfunctioning charging ports, water damage, dead batteries, and more are common. You should take your cell phone to a professional if it isn’t operating properly again. Getitfixed is your best option for Phone repair and CellPhone screen repair in Elk Grove. We can get the job done professionally.

Camera repair

We fix front and rear cameras including proximity sensors and so on. 

Battery replacement

Battery Repair is one of the main types of services we providing every day.

Charging Ports

Often charging ports get clogged with dirt and dust. We help you to clean it or even replace. 

Mics and Speakers

No sound, noise, static mic? Call us will be happy to check it for you.


Lost a signal? We will check your antennas and modem.

Honest service

Our service is inexpensive and we always honest with our customers.


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 If you need iPhone repair or iPhone screen repair in Elk Grove, always turn to Getitfixed. We are the perfect fit for this job.

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Common iPhone Issues: What Can You Expect?

If your iPhone ever breaks, it will no longer operate as intended. The following are examples of common iPhone issues:

Broken and Cracked Screen: Accidental slipping or leaning on the phone might cause your screen to crack. Thankfully, if you search for “iPhone screen repair near me,” you’ll be able to locate a professional who can help you.

Frozen and Unresponsive Screen: When your phone has a frozen screen, it hangs. The device becomes inoperable because everything freezes.

Water Damages: Devices that are immersed in water are at risk for water damage. If you try to switch on the phone, it may develop a short circuit or some other complicated malfunction.

Power Faults: The iPhone is unable to shut off due to a power problem.

Draining Battery: Your iPhone’s battery life drains quickly, even when it’s idle.

Damage to the charging port: your device no longer charges.

Other Faults with the iPhone include the volume button being stuck, difficulty connecting to WiFi, faulty microphone, camera, and Bluetooth.

Once you’ve recognized any of these issues, you should immediately contact a professional. Getitfixed’s expert technicians are always on hand to provide you with a fast and reliable solution to any problem you’re having with your iPhone. For as long as you own an iPhone, you can depend on us to be your go-to source for reliable screen replacement and phone repair.