Do you need to repair your iPad fast and for less? Parts are expensive, even for older iPads Air 2. Why? Well, because this model of iPad has a fully laminated display, which means the glass lens digitizer and the LCD are all one unit. That is why the repair is so expensive. 


Many repair shops, in order to make repair less expensive, buy old broken iPads that still have good displays and install these displays on their customers’ iPads. Some people just remove the outer shattered glass and glue a new one with the cheap and tricky LOCA glue. It leads to many problems in the future although it seems fine at first.


We do something very different. We use professional equipment to recondition your iPad’s LCD. We laminate the new glass the same way Apple does. It means that we can keep the same original Apple quality, and offer a better price than anyone else in town. 


Give us a call or text us at (916) 661-1420 and we will make it new again!

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