• iPhone Screen Repair Sacramento Store CA

    iPhone screen repair and phone repair Sacramento CA Getitfixed 

    We Fixing many different iPhone screen repair, starting with iPhone 6 screen repair up to the more newer models like iPhone X.

    Usually iPhone screen repair take from 20 to 60 minutes of work. We are using OEM quality parts which make Phone  looks like new with bright LCD screen. Although iPhone screen repair is  one of the easiest jobs we can perform on Apple devices nevertheless good quality parts cost a lot and that make often iPhone screen repair quite expensive.

    Starting from iPhone X Apple introdused new type of screen ( OLED ) Organic LED. This parts is super expensive and very fragile. To perform phone screen repair on iPhone X can cost a lot of money, it decently won't be cheap fix. Getitfixed is always on the edge of technology, and happy to offer you less expensive phone screen repair then most of our competitors. Wondering how we do that. Check your blog. Thank you very much 


  • iPhone X screen repair

    iPhone X screen replacement 

  • Cell phone iPhone  repair iPad Samsung LG  store Sacramento

    We fix different cell phones including iPhone, Samsung, LG, MOTO Plus many tablet, like iPad Samsung Tabs store Sacramento. Our Services include 

    iPhone screen repair, iPhone repair, phone repair, phone screen repair.

  • iPad pro air 2 3 mini 4 repair

    iPad screen repair can be difficult even if it old tablets 

    In Getitfixed we of often observed that you almost newer will see and old iPhones like 4 or 4s in the hands of our customers but in the same time iPads 2 and 3 generation is very common to get. I should tell that almost every week we performing screen repair on iPad 2 and 3.  

    One more thing we noticed that this customers have exprecing particular care about their tablet. Well this is why they still working. As techs we also trying to put extra attention to this tablets, no matter which type of repair it needs. Battery replacement, charging port or buttons we will put on the table our best technics and knowledge.  

    Difference between screen replacement for older and newer models really changed since release of iPad Air 2. LCD Screen and Digitizer on this module is fully laminated which makes image is more vivid in same time iPad became  significantly thiner. After that few iPad was released with the same display technology like Pad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 10.5, 12.9, while Apple was still keeping old technology on some other new devices like iPad 5 and 6

    Yes, It is always sad when this beautiful electronics crack.  Cost of iPad repair can get quite high, for latest devices with fully laminated display it is easily can go over $200. 

    Well if you still get cracked screen on your tablet give us a call and we will take care of iPad repair. 

    Please check this article if you want to learn more about iPad . Thank you 



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We specialize in fixing cracked screens, replacing dead batteries, reversing water damage, repairing button issues and solving charging problems.

Our highly skilled Tech diagnose and repair a wide variety of Apple and Android devices. We service iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, LG devices among other models. 

Located near Sacramento State and open Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.

Our tablet and cell phone repair center stocks only high quality parts so that most common repairs take about an hour, and come with a 90-day warranty! Read more about our 90-day warranty and why to select Getitfixed for your tablet or cell phone repair needs. 

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