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iPhone repair service

If you require a well-experienced tech to assist with a variety of issues on your iPhone, we offer quick, affordable, and thorough repairs on not only your screen, but other hardware issues you may be experiencing. We have served the Sacramento and neighboring communities for the last several years and offer a high rate of customer satisfaction at our phone repair service.


iPad and other tablets repair.

Excellent, prompt, professional, and attention to detail are all qualities you can find with our services that will distinguish us from other repair services. When you need a ipad or tablet repair, turn to the professionals at Getitfixed!

Camera repair

We fix front and rear cameras including proximity sensors and so on. 

Battery replacement

Battery Repair is one of the main types of services we providing every day.

Charging Ports

Often charging ports get clogged with dirt and dust. We help you to clean it or even replace. 

Mics and Speakers

No sound, noise, static mic? Call us will be happy to check it for you.


Lost a signal? We will check your antennas and modem.

Honest service

Our service is inexpensive and we always honest with our customers.


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If you need Phone repair or iPhone screen repair in Sacramento, always turn to Getitfixed. We are the perfect fit for this job.
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Our Services

iPhone Screen Repair

If you need a well-experienced expert to help repair your faulty cell phone or replace your cracked screen. Our services are affordable, detailed, and can be personalized to your iPhone repair needs. Our phone repair clinic serve individuals in Sacramento, CA, and nearby communities. We guarantee you excellent iPhone screen repair service that give close to 100% customer satisfaction.

iPhone Repair At Getitfixed, we specialize in repairing various iPhone issues. For several years, we have served the iPhone repair needs of many individuals across Sacramento, CA, and nearby cities. Our iPhone repair specialists can fix various iPhone issues, including water damage, cracked screen, charging problems, dead batteries, broken port, and many more. In addition, we offer professional and detailed services. Whether it is a cracked screen that needs to be replaced or a charging issue that needs a quick fix, we handle every cell phone repair task with complete dedication and enthusiasm. This is why we are the most reliable and trusted expert for Sacramento residents that need professional iPhone screen repair near me.

iPhone Repair Glass

At Getitfixed, we work with a dedicated team of qualified, well-experienced iPhone glass repair experts. Our experts possess several years of experience in fixing various iPhone screen problems. Also, our professional team understands how delicate the iPhone device is. We will carefully fix the issue with your iPhone while taking adequate precautions. This will help prevent additional damages to your device. Most importantly, we will get your cell phone functioning smoothly and efficiently in as little as no time..

Cheap iPhone Repair

Furthermore, the iPhone is a luxury and unique device. In fact, this device is among the most sophisticated devices in the mobile device and tablet industry. Often times, repairing a damaged iPhone can be really expensive.

Fortunately, Getitfixed offers excellent and affordable iPhone Repair in Sacramento, CA. Our experts can help you fix screen damages and other issues with the iPhone, even while on a tight budget. Thus, you can always turn to us anytime you need affordable cell phone repair near me in Sacramento.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

At Getitfixed, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well and at reasonable cost. We stock only high-quality, durable iPhone screens and replacement parts. This guarantees that only the best quality iPhone screen will be used to replace your cracked or broken iPhone screen. Therefore, your new, crystal clear iPhone screen will serve you excellently for many years to come and you won’t spend a lot of money for this type of service.

Also, our iPhone screens come with a 90-day warranty! Regardless of what happens, you are well covered within this period. This is why we are the perfect option for residents of Sacramento, CA.

iPhone Screen Repair Near MeThe screen of your iPhone is very delicate. Your iPhone screen can become cracked accidentally or due to improper handling. Hence, replacing or repairing the faulty screen requires the utmost care. At Getitfixed, we work with a qualified team of well-trained, highly experienced iPhone repair specialists. Our experts possess several years of experience in fixing various iPhone and iPhone screen problems.

What’s more, our iPhone screen repair experts will replace your cracked screen with another high-quality iPhone screen. The new screen will be crystal clear, strong, and highly durable. Also, we give a 90-day warranty on all our replacement iPhone screens. With this, you can guarantee that your new, crystal clear iPhone screen will serve you wonderfully for an extended period.

iPhone Repair Shop

We are a group of life-long tinkerers who decided to start a business repairing smartphones and tablets. Our main business is to remanufacture or refurbish smartphone, tablet LCD. Servicing repair shops with high quality cell phone parts until we finally decided to open our first retail shop in Sacramento. We do quality screen repair on iPhone , Samsung and many other devices. And here we are. Ready to serve.

We were working in the cellphone industry for more than 10 years. Currently we have one location at 6505 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95891 Where we are fixing phones, tablets and many other type of devices.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair

Turning to an unqualified person for your Apple iPhone screen repair isn’t a good idea. Rather than fixing the problem, such a person will only cause more damages. In fact, this can render your iPhone permanently useless.

However, you can trust our iPhone repair specialists at Getitfixed for your iPhone screen repair in Sacramento. We will offer a fast, effective, and lasting solution to any issue with your device. Within a short period, our trusted experts will get your iPhone back to an optimum working condition again.

Contact us today to learn more about our services. We offer cheap iPhone repair in Sacramento to meet the specifics needs of our respective clients. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent cell phone screen repair services that will surpass your expectations.


Phone Repair Service

Your Phone can develop a fault, especially when you least expect. Such faults can range from a cracked screen to charging port issues, water damage, broken microphone, dead batteries, and so forth. Any of these can render the device temporarily useless. In case you need a reliable cell phone repair service expert to help fix the problem with your Phone, turn to our specialists at Getitfixed. We offer quality, excellent, and prompt Phone repair and Phone screen repair in Sacramento, CA

Cell Phone Repair

Contact us today at Getitfixed to know more about cell phone repair and Cell Phone screen repair services. We serve clients in Sacramento and the entire California area. Anytime you need professional iPhone repair near me, you can always turn to us for affordable, detailed, and prompt services. An amazing experience awaits you.

Cell Phone Screen Repair

The iPhone is one of the most sophisticated mobile devices you can find in the industry today. However, this luxury device can still develop a fault, no matter how careful you can be. Your Cell Phone can become damaged due to a broken screen, charging issues, water damage, broken port, dead batteries, and many more. For quality and efficient Cell Phone repair in Sacramento , always turn to Getitfixed. We are experts in cell phone screen repair. We can also fix various Phone issues and faults.

At Getitfixed, we are dedicated to offering excellent and top-class cell phone repair and Phone repair services. Our trusted experts possess the necessary skills, tools, and expertise to fix any issue with your Phone. Whether it is a cracked screen, water damage, or charging problem, we can get it fixed. No matter how complex the Phone issue can be, we can fix the problem.

Cell Phone Repair Shop

We are skilled Techs that diagnose and repair a wide variety of Apple and Android devices. We service iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, LG devices , apple watch repair among other models. As for any cell phone repair shop, iphone repair is essential for as, because iPhone screen repair is one of the most common services we provide. It usually take from 20 to 40 minutes to finish this phone repair, while Samsung Repair can take up to 2 hours of work. We are located in Sacramento on Folsom blv and helping local communities for over 4 years. If you interested in cell phone or tablet repair please visit our store.